Why blind to go is having difficulties: Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Why blind to go is having difficulties Case Study Solution 

It can be said that, now a days almost every organization, is facing the shortage and difficulty, in obtaining the skilled workforce.The increased difficulty in finding and retaining the competent staff, is might be due to several reasons. Firstly, the business model of many large organization, such as blind to go are becoming increasingly complex and dynamic, which many individual find hard to understand and as a result of this the potential employees not apply for the post. Furthermore, due to the extreme competition among the employees of the organization, many employees may not develop themselves in such a position, to compete with other employees in the organization.

Blind to go is also having tremendous difficulties, in attracting appropriate staffs and they are also finding it difficult, to reduce the staff turnover rate. It can be argued that, the compensation package of Blind to go is the main source of this problem. Although the reward package appears to be positive for the sales associates and supervisors, but it can be said that this kind of performance related packages, are only positive for a small proportion of employees. Not all the employees agrees to take that risk, the risk of employees will be too high in the off-season, because of poor sales and they might prefer fixed reward package, in order to mitigate that risk. However, the management have applied this system, but it were proved to be disastrous for the company.

On the other hand, the employee selection process, is also said to be too tough for a junior employee.The fact that DSM takes the interview of short-listed employee, might makes it very difficult for a junior employee, to face this pressure situation. In addition to this, the growth plans of Blind to go appears to be too optimistic, in order to fulfill the growth requirements. Blind to go will have to hire a large number of workforce, it is highly likely that employee is selected without evaluating his/her personal competence.This induction of incompetent employees might said to be one of the main reason, due to which Blind to go is facing these issues.

Furthermore, the linkage of the reward package of DSM were also linked with the number of hires, in order to increase the personal wealth, the senior executives might induct employee without giving proper consideration to the competence of employee.This personal greed of managers is also a reason, due to which Blind to go is facing employee retention problem. Moreover, the citizens of developed countries are also considered sales job underpaid, not only this, due to the increased opportunities for the citizens of developed countries in professional certifications, the number of individuals wanted to become a salesmen also decreases, thus creating difficulties for retail organizations.


  • It is recommended that, Blind to go should have to give substantial training to the newly elected team members, in order to increase their personal competency. As the expectation from the workforce are high and they considers to be the primary source of revenue for the company.This expenditure can be justified, as this could increase the morale and experience of employee, which ultimately result in higher revenues for Blind to go. The training should also have to be given to existing employees, to incorporate new trends and fashions into their service as well.
  • It is also recommended that, the confidence and morale of the employees needs to be increased at Blind to go. Furthermore, in addressing the management issues the views of junior staff should also be taken, this can improve their confidence in the organization as well. Apart from the morale and confidence the loyalty of workforce will also be increased, thus it might reduce the staff turnover days.(Jack obsen, 2013).................

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