WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DREAM Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


If you travel in the north few kilometers through the neighbourhood, you will reach to the Gold Coast that has pretty gardens, houses and tree-lined streets. The symbol mostly used for the relations of the American race is the black neighbour hood of Washington. Washington and the states of Virginia are a miniature of the relations of different races in America.

The US Supreme Court has ended the separation of school rule after 50 years. The Supreme Court gave the justification that the concept of separate but equal was not constitutional and the schools in the city do not have white children.The schools of the black are far away from the other schools and mostly the poor children of Washington DC go to those schools.

The black people live either in the Montgomery County or in the Gold Coast and send their children to black schools. In America about 5% to10%of Americans live with the black people, whereas the public school system is totally separated from them. The black and white people are segregated by language, history and culture.

No single symbol can define the relationship of the black and white in America. This is because when New Orleans drowned one month ago in the hurricane named ‘Katrina’, the most shameful and the most shocking pictures for the Americans were of the black poverty, and helplessness.

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DREAM Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The mayor and New Orleans police reported of rapes, bodies and murderers being stored in the vault and no one came to rescue them. The mayor described the scene as armed gangs were roaming in the streets, plundering and shooting anyone randomly including the police.

But later the fact was known that there were no rapes and there were no bodies being stored in the basement. On the other hand, the disaster tells about the black and white relationship in America as the poor African Americans are left on their own to die or become the prey of America’s own violent and lawless people.

The former U.S president George Bush’s first speech in his presidency was based on poverty and racism. He said that race and poverty are interconnected and the Americans have seen that there is a deep persistent poverty and poverty has grown as roots in the history of racial discrimination and the resulting effect is that it cuts off generations from opportunities which can be used for the benefit of America.

The Simpsons trial has made a division in the Americans and the Americans are divided into racial lines with 83% of blacks agreeing with the verdict, whereas the other 37% of whites do not. The Simpson anniversary passed without any notice ten years ago.

All the government programs based on development of enterprise zones and addressing poverty were all successful. A significant growth has been observed in the black middle-class due to good economic times.

The white people in their early 40s are passionate and they are sometimes angry and sometimes optimistic about the future. On the other hand, Atlanta was the birthplace of King Martin Luther as this is the city where the first sit by the black at all-white lunch counters were made.

More than 37 million American people live below poverty line which is set at $19500 for a family. However, the poverty rate for Americans is 8% and for African-Americans it is close to 25%.

The middle-class black people sometimes get mixed with the middle-class white people in the office but still, there are some comfort issues and a fear of being insulted of racial discrimination and that means that middle-class black people prefer to be with their own people.

The civil leader in the 1960s Eleanor Holmes Norton now represents the Washington DC in Congress. She has said that a sea-change is taking place which will make the whole non-viable communities.

The lack of integration of families is the most important problem being faced by the African-American community. The government has a crucial role over this and it is responsible for this in the country. The Farrakhan’s million march was launched to encourage the young people to take their children’s and their family’s responsibility.

In Atlanta, the Martin Luther King center made his walking through the exhibits marked with a bloody but an exciting history related to the civil rights movement, while listening to King's speech and his vision of America where there is not any racism. There are chances that he would have been gratified or disappointed and there are chances too that he might have thought that America had not become the promised land...................

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