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Considering competition between competing formats of music. In 90 years, the MP3 format has challenged traditional means of music distribution, allowing for storage of near CD-quality recording to 1/10th of its former size. The threat to the traditional distribution credible to the spread of additional technologies, such as Internet digital music players (eg, Real Networks, RealPlayer, Microsoft Windows Media Player, and ITunes Apple) and MP3-players and other portable digital music players. File Sharing websites such as Napster did MP3-files are available for free download, enraging the recording industry, which took place in the court. Although Napster was driven out of business, piracy continues to threaten the industry, as users continue to download more than one billion songs a week from that file sharing program. Legal music download stores, which pay between $ 0.65 and $ 0.79 per song and music companies sell music files in an encrypted format to prevent file sharing, have been developed. Slowing the adoption of digital music services competing audio formats Apple, Microsoft and Real Networks. "Hide
by David B. Yoffie, Debbie Fryer Source: Harvard Business School 3 pages. Publication Date: May 20, 2004. Prod. #: 704503-PDF-ENG

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Music Downloads

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