Understanding Consumer Behavior Business Fundamentals Series Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Business Fundamentals are collections of Harvard Business School background materials, reflecting HBS courses and complete self-study guides. This collection includes five background notes, a set of exercises of consumer behavior, and one article each of Harvard Business Review and California Management Review. Collection highlights some key issues and terminology involved in the study, interpretation and prediction of the behavior of consumers. While the focus of the individual consumer, some readings covering industrial customers, as well. They are: "The behavior of consumers exercise", "Analysis of consumer perceptions", "Analysis of consumer preferences," "Understanding what is already open: Why do your clients hire a product", "Note on the price behavior," "Problems of the product? Politics" "Torment your customers (they'll love It)" and "Disclosure laws in Cybershopping". The focus is on the latest materials, and all except one were published in 1999 or later. Each item is accompanied by a summary of the plan, learning objectives, and a set of questions, ideas and teachings. "Hide
by Stephen Brown, Clayton M. Christensen, John Deighton, Robert J. Dolan, Peter S. Fader, Susan Fournier, John T. Gourville, Wendy W. Moe, Miklos Sarvary 108 pages. Publication Date: February 8, 2002. Prod. #: 9543-SBB-ENG

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Understanding Consumer Behavior Business Fundamentals Series

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