Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream Inc.: A Period of Transition Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream Inc.: A Period of Transition Case Solution 


Ben & Jerry's has found in 1978 in Vermont, United States of America. The investment that was made to start the business was of $12,000. Moreover, the ice cream shop expanded due to the winter season. In order to originate its services at the grocery stores, Ben & Jerry's has been able to pack Ice Creams into pints since the year1980. Ben & Jerry became recognized due to the mix–in flavors; for instance Chunky Monkey & Cherry Garcia. Ben & Jerry's offered variety of the Ice Cream toppings as well. Moreover, the company also started manufacturing Frozen Yogurt, after its success in the Ice Cream industry. Ben & Jerry's business has been in the industry for more than 40 years. Furthermore, Ice Cream has been sold through the small outlets of the nearby local places.

ben and jerry's case study solution

ben and jerry's case study solution

Due to the trend of 1990 of eating healthy, the company's sales reduced. Thus, the company suffered its first quarter loss in 1994. Moreover, the CEO, Ben, announced his retirement. The reason for Ben's retirement was the continuous decline in the sales of the commodities as well as the circumstances of the business were not able to cope up by the CEO. Hence, Ben decided to stop working at his designation. Jerry Greenfield, the Vice President of the Company, however, carried out to strive through the situation. Hence, Jerry was recruited as the new CEO for the Ben & Jerry's. Moreover, Bob Holland was selected by the Ben & Jerry's to become the CEO of the organization.

Problem Analysis

The consumers arrived at stores keeping every flavor available at the shelf. Thus the services of Ice Cream producers had to be very efficient in order to deliver the products. The costs of distribution, thus,had to be very effective by the producers. Due to complexity dealing in the business, the firm faced the issue offore cast of demands which led it to shortages and overstocks of the flavors. The company’s products were available in the almost all stores that provided super-premium ice creams by 1994.

Another hazardous element that caused Ben & Jerry’s to suffer was marketing and media. Ben & Jerry’s wasenjoying the free promotion through media before 1994. The social activities and its meetings were highlighted by the media and hadagood impact on the consumers. Moreover, in 1994 the Waterbury plant tour was the attraction for the tourists and it also much created hype among media. However, Ben & Jerry’s itself came towards advertisement of its product, which was better than its competitors in 1994.

Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream, Inc Case Solution

Industry Analysis of the Ben & Jerry’s

Porter’s five forces analysis

In order to provide the thorough industrial analysis, the five forces described by the Porter are very contributive. Following is the description of the Porter’s five forces analysis for Ben & Jerry’s.

Bargaining power of buyers

As the consumers of Ice Cream in industry, in which Ben & Jerry’s are competing is quality encouraging,thus, many strong competitors have risen while researching the market. Moreover, the price war is also not concerned by the buyers in the industry. The consumers prefer quality on the prices. The uniqueness in the Ice Creams flavors has not been found among the competitors. Therefore, the bargaining power of the buyer has estimated low in the industry...................

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