Mina O’Reilly at Logan Airport’s TSA Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Mina O'Reilly at Logan Airport's TSA Case solution 

It was formed in response to the 9/11 attacks in United States of America. It has a significant contribution to the security of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. There were over 50,000 employees working with TSA in 2009. The mission of TSA is to provide protection to the transportation systems of the country, ensuring the people to move and commerce freely. Hence, employees including inspectors, officers, air marshals, directors, and managers were assigned to screen all passengers along with their baggage at 450 American airports. TSA, has a sense of pride in their commitment to their mission and by focusing on people, it has achieved success. It has not only the priority to perform the task efficiently, but it also detects threats to America’s national security.

Moreover, agency has a weekly publication for employees to assess. It features positive status and the clips regarding different events; for example, inspection and detection of threats. Furthermore, the positive feedbacks of the travelers as well, act as the recognition for the employees. The website of the organization also remains supportive in order to promote activities of various security teams.

A critical factor of Logan Airport’s history is, that it is the very airport for where, the planes that caused the deadly disaster of 9/11 launched from. Hence, the assurance of security became very crucial to airports after the incidence. However, there was a great delay faced by the flights due to security inefficiency at Logan Airport. There was Mina O’Reilly. Supervisor Transportation Security Officer (STSO) and her subordinates were accused of delays. Delay of 45 minutes appeared to Logan Airport, the reason for postponing was Sanchez, a subordinate of O’Reilly’s andhe was an active worker in the team. However, he was busy on a phone call with his daughter, Cheri. Thus, a few minutes’ mistake caused a breach at the Airport. A passenger with a blue bag immediately crossed the station without screening. Another LTSO informed the security inside. 4 of the terminals were held up including the one in which the blue-bag traveler had entered. The bag of the passenger thus, returned to the station and the security officer checked it thoroughly. Although it was safe to carry the passenger on the flight, it caused a panic in all flights and caused a delay in the busiest area. O’Reilly found Sanchez back in his shift next day, but there was a need to develop some strategies so that such incidents would not take place in future.


Mina O’Reilly observed the details of security breach of the previous day. She was managing the issues of the department, which enabled breach in the security. Moreover, the transportation security officer (TSO) Ludo Sanchez was the subordinate of O’Reilly. Sanchez is TSO’s front line officer who directly deals with the travelers, rather than managing operations on checkpoints. The airport, however, faced problem of flight delays on its busiest terminal, terminal B.

  1. Analysis

O’Reilly was among 100 STSOs at the Logan Airport. She started working with TSA as an LTSO, in 2006. However, she was quickly promoted to STSO’s position. Under her supervision, a successful screening process was oriented. Moreover, there was the assurance that every luggage and walk inns will be screened appropriately with O’Reilly’s supervision. However, the breach was caused due to Sanchez’ negligence, which made O’Reilly formulate new strategies for operations. Moreover, macro and micro analysis are discussed below in order to analyze the circumstances.

Macro Analysis

Culture of the Organization

Employees at TSA are mostly fresh graduates. They joined TSA in order to attain experience at a federal government organization...................

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