Protecting the WTO Ministerial Conference of 1999 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

On the one hand, a broad network of protest took measures to dramatize their opposition to the WTO and international trade practices. At the same time, security officials from local, state and federal agencies developed a security plan for public places near the place of meetings at ministerial level. Their goal was to ensure that the negotiations went smoothly, while maintaining the right of activists to protest peacefully. Throughout the planning process, local leaders are working on the assumption that the tolerant spirit of the Pacific Northwest will prevail. This assumption proved horribly wrong, however, when, on the opening day of negotiations, police officers lost control of the crowd gathered outside the venue. Readers are encouraged to consider what lessons can be learned from this in the end is not enough planning security. What safety engineers to think differently about how to prepare for the conference? That they should foresee? How could they have developed a better awareness of the activities and plans of the protesters? HKS Case Number 1897.0 "Hide
by Herman Leonard B, David Tannenwald, Arnold Howitt 22 pages. Publication Date: 06 February 2009. Prod. #: HKS456-PDF-ENG

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Protecting the WTO Ministerial Conference of 1999

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