The Tate’s Digital Transformation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Tate’s Digital Transformation Case Solution


Tate started its journey as a national museum, incorporating art and paintings.It started with an aim to preserve the architect and knowledge within the boundaries of Britain, Unfortunately at that time, the British Art museum had no space to preserve the painting and hence gave rise to the birth of Tate by Stack. In general, that operates as a corporate body and develops a networking platform to manage and integrate Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool, Tate St Ives and Tate Modern. Pedestrianization to curate the UK national collection of British art and also bind international and contemporary British art at one place.

The organization initially received funding from the Department of culture, sports and Media to run and retain the position of the museum while it later incorporated the digitization to out blow the experience of the visitor sand to transform the image of the museum in the mind of the visitors, raising the need for further funds to be acquired.In the traditional format, the organization, operates in collecting digital art, creating corporate records and initiating large digitization program to substitute the physical artwork for the use of online galleries.

In nonrepresentational, the company is at reinitialize of setting the digital archive repository and also the implementation of the digital technology to monetize the initiatives to plunge the strategy deep into the roots of the company. In doing so, the company has to take different alternatives and initiatives to monetize the offering with the correct balance of retaining the customer experience and bond with the organization.

Since the company already offers a wide range of offerings through technology and digitization, it is of mere complexity to devise a new strategy that keeps the existing customers on board with a high attraction to the target market while a integrating the internal force with the use of digital technology.

Problem statement

The company incorporates the implementation of digitization deeply, in order to offer a great experience to the users and plant the ease of mobility free of cost.In order to pursue the story and vision, the company has to offer strong evidence for proving its point that“digital is the new market”, for which the company has to take certain steps which will create the following problem.

  • The company has to monetize the business operations and functions in order to show the profitability of certain action on the income statement of the company. This will create a sudden reaction in the customer base, and might turn the visitors away from the museum and gallery, due to fee subscription.
  • The company has to decide between the alternatives and categories, whether,to which it should start, in order to monetize the function.
  • Since, the company generates great cash flow from the selling of archived books, it has to decide whether to divert its prime focus to the particular category, or should it take all activities of the company along, as they all create and engage a certain amount of customers that are very beneficial to the company.
  • The company has to maintain its customer experience and customer base ratio for which it has to decide which operation and category to monetize first and which to lose to by analyzing the impact of demonetization on anyone



Market Strategy

Since,stack has to meet the new changing dynamics of the market, for which it has changed the corporate and business strategy vision as well, it first has to re devise the marketing strategy in which the prime focus will be built upon websites. In doing so, the company has to establish its website more integrated with the digital technology, which offers a virtual experience to the customer, as if they represent in the museum. The company can incorporate the visual technology to offer a concrete experience to the users who are outside the Britain territory. Also, in order to digitalis the website to the highest peak, the company has to continually amend its website offerings by inculcating flexible pages and Tate’s API’.

The Tate’s Digital Transformation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


In addition, since the company has taken digitization as the new dimension of company’s vision and that its audience will include the global audience, the company will have to put the prime focus on maintaining and building a quality marketing content which facilitates the users and also the inexperienced users on the website. In doing so, it will have to develop such content which encourages involvement and engagement from all over the globe. Also it will give rise to the marketing content presented in multi-lingual forms to improve the understanding and thus the adaptability of the website. Lastly the marketing strategy will have to take into account the social media marketing which would help the company to target the global audience with low cost and easy operation..................

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