The re-branding of Barbie into the digital age Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The re-branding of Barbie into the digital age Case Solution

Counterfactual Scenarios

Barbie doll faced a lot of backlash in the last few decades due to its misalignment with the changing market trends, which effected the overall sales of the company and also ruined the brand image in the mind of customer, leading to poor positioning. Such effected the later strategy of Barbie to implement he technological innovation into the business. Since customer have been negative towards Barbie, the incorporation of technology such as AI technology failed to regain the profits for the company.

Thus it can be said, the overall scenario would not have been occurred, if the management would have incorporated the market trends effectively into the branding strategy of the Barbie. In doing so, it would have developed a strong marketing strategy, targeting the customers and the new parents with the idea of new Barbie in the market. This would have reduced the negative backlash and would have resulted in easy adoption of the new technology in Barbie by the Customers.

Under the new Barbie idea, the company would have developed a strong message to empower girls and would have included the change role of Barbie dolls along with the change the market such as fathers, to play with Barbie with their daughters, so to break the taboo and incorporate a new thinking in the society. Such would have helped the company to maintain its competitive position in the market, leading to sustainability in the long term (Birkner, 2016)........


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