The Schneirocksie Corporation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Schneirocksie Electric is an asset-focused company that has been a successful manufacturer of high-quality electrical components that transfer, control, and monitor electric power. Management has long been considered to be sales and job marketing website as selling what plants do. However, consumer demand has shown that this approach will not work, cheaper competitors are now able to duplicate products Schneirocksie and services. The company should move towards the provision and sale of solutions to its customers, but doing so will include the creation of an effective strategic position through the sale. The current structure of the company, the compensation system, and culture are significant barriers to this transition, and should also be changed. Finally, the management company must learn to focus primarily on the work of the clients hire it to do and then to redesign itself to make this work. "Hide
by Robert D. Dewar Source: Kellogg School Management 11 pages. Publication date: April 21, 2009. Prod. #: KEL414-PDF-ENG

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The Schneirocksie Corporation

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