Volkswagen India: Das Auto Digitally Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In 2011, Volkswagen (VW) India made digital marketing an important aspect of its advertising. People were not aware of the brand and social media was also nascent, thus the focus was on display advertising when VW was launched. VW spent 50% of its digital marketing budget on display advertising, 30% on paid search and 20% on social media. VW advertised on auto portals and data portals as well as on influential reputed and high traffic news /review sites.

VW comprehended the customer funnel and worked back on preparation advertisement inventories. ''Cost per lead'' was the crucial metric to quantify any effort functionality. After brand recognition was developed through display advertisements, VW invested in search engine marketing for organic and paid investigations which led to ''Planet Volkswagen,’’ (PV). PV symbolized VW activities with each section designed around a specific subject on a revolving circular globe. PV received great response; yet, owing to recession in industry in the year 2012, promotion needed to lead to test drives - therefore efforts towards PV were reduced. Two efforts were launched one after other towards raising leads.

VW started New Jetta in 2011 with a social media effort called ''#AnythingforJetta''. It revolved around the theory that Jetta gave so much driving pleasure that individuals would do anything to own Jetta. Twitter was selected for the campaign to get instant answers and to tap into unique customer section. VW prepared video content showing people doing stuff that was unique for Jetta. Complete front page advertisements were published in leading newspapers, which gave a big push to the campaign. The idea supporting the YouTube test drive was to employ users and let them ask any questions regarding the vehicle just as they would in a real world test-drive. The effort, reached 21 million unique users against planned reach of 10 million. The challenge was how to break the clutter and participating supporters to create positive word of mouth.

Volkswagen India Das Auto Digitally Case Study Solution

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Volkswagen India: Das Auto Digitally

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