The Obama Campaign Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In November 2007, Barack Obama, together with his chief strategist and campaign manager, was faced with a Gallup Poll of Democratic Presidential Candidates that suggested among Democratic voters Hillary Clinton held 48 per cent support of voters, compared with Obama's 21 per cent. Pundits and analysts essentially declared the race over; nevertheless, the triumvirate was confident they had devised a perfect campaign strategy win the nomination and to overcome the long chances.

Their confidence was validated when Barack Obama was designated the President of the United States in the year November 2008. A strategy that focused on competing in markets that other nominees didn't, and adopting technological developments in a manner that other candidates wouldn't helped this win. Such tools were applied by the Obama campaign as lowering the target gift from potential donors, competing in non traditional markets, exceptional resource allocation and use of technology to gain tactical advantages.


The Obama Campaign Strategy Case Study Solution

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The Obama Campaign Strategy

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