Bunny Butcher: PETA Protests Donna Karan New York Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

November 29, 2010 was "Cyber Monday," one of the most active online shopping days of the year, together with the possible to approach $1 billion in online sales in North America. The chief designer of fashion company Donna Karan New York (DKNY) was facing a difficult situation. Anyone seeing the page couldn't fail to identify the message, "DK Bunny Butcher." This actions by PETA was the culmination of many years, beginning in 2005, of trying to convince DKNY to quit using fur in its sets.

This November 29 message was a sharp reminder to both DKNY and its particular Cyber Monday customers that, to this stage, the company had refused to quit including fur. This message was available to be looked at by DKNY's over 200,000 fans as well as the millions of online Cyber shoppers. On Monday the chief designer was unsure how to react: on one hand was the desire to clearly clarify the use of fur, on the other was to avoid escalating the publicity surrounding the matter. She needed an immediate strategy that shield future sales and would retain her brand's image.

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Bunny Butcher: PETA Protests Donna Karan New York

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