The Global Oil and Gas Industry Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The oil and gas industry is one of the largest, most sophisticated, and most important global industries. The business touches everyone's lives from carpeting to eyeglasses with products including electricity, heat and transport fuels, asphalt, lubricants, propane, and thousands of petrochemical products to clothes. The business impacts national security, elections, geo politics and international struggles.

The Global Oil and Gas Industry (B) case solution

The price of the natural gas along with crude oil are probably the two most closely observed commodity prices in the global economy. In the last few years, the sector has seen many tumultuous occasions, such as the growth in oil and gas production in the United States; sanctions on Russia and improved international relationships with Iran; continuing technological progress in non-traditional petroleum and gas; continuing strife in Iraq, Libya, and several other oil-exporting countries; continued heated talk about climate change and non-hydrocarbon sources of energy; and continued uncertainty in crude and gasoline prices. All of this comes amid forecasts the world-wide demand for energy will increase by 30-40% by 2040.


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The Global Oil and Gas Industry

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