SnackChips in China Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case is designed to work and exam or Capstone courses on decision theory, modeling, real options, and game theory. It explores the strategies typically snack chip marketer in China for the promotion and advertising of newly acquired healthy snack chip brand in mid-2002. Marketer has some key decisions to make now and in the future, about what range of marketing expenses in connection with an exciting emerging market and in the face of a formidable competitive threat to its main rival. The case allows students to be seen as two sides of the "decisions about marketing costs and time to market and expand the concept of the interaction of the downstream solution of one party (or the real version) to a few parties" interactive "real options. Competitive situation, the case can be modeled as a dynamic game of imperfect information or multiperiod situation solutions with continuous uncertainty and strategic interaction built downstream. Monte Carlo both sides in the balance of payments in the game gives the lower subgame subgame perfect Nash equilibrium, which causes an "interactive" threshold policy for both parties. "Hide
by Samuel E injuries, Kenneth C. Lichtendahl Source: University of Virginia Darden School Foundation 6 pages. Publication Date: April 8, 2008. Prod. #: UV1302-PDF-ENG

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SnackChips in China

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