Pepsi and bricks Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Key issues

Pepsi– Lipton bricks wants to increase its market share by re-launchingit's ready to drink tea with a name LiptonBrick Iced Tea. Major issues faced by Pepsi and bricks is the advertisement medium selection ofits product that could attract young generation as the product is positioned itself as a drink for

The challengesfaced by the top management of Pepsi-Lipton Mary Barnard, Vice President, PepsiCo and Marison Tamaro, General Manager, is that whether they should go for social media to advertise its brand in the super bowl event which could makethe ads viewed by many youngsters who are the actual target market of Pepsi-Lipton, or they should go for a TV based approach to create the awareness of their product.

Mary and Morrisonneed to make a decision regarding the selection of viral ads example doing advertisement by sending SMS and emails.This strategy will cost them lower, but would reach only to the customers they send those viral messages. Benefit of viral messagesis that they could reach directly to the target customers or may that customer pass that message to someone he know have interest in your product.

On the other hand, TVbased advertisement incurred higher cost than viral ads, but it has a potential to reach to the large amount of people and create awareness on a larger scale. The issue identifieswhich medium top management should use in order to create awareness without exceeding the budget of the advertisement campaign of ice tea.


Mary and Marison need a medium to re-launch Bricks tea and to create the awareness ion a way that it could attract greater market in a short span of time. For this TV is the best approach as TV is normally viewed by millions of people on a daily basis. Even in a hectic situation some people prefer to watch TV to refresh their mind or listen to the radio.

The selection of TV based advertisement would be beneficial for the brand to create the awareness and target large audience at a same time. It may cost, higher but would be helpful in achieving the viewership of a large number of people around the world.


6 M’s Model:

Six M’s model is designed to help the marketer to forecast the medium to use, budget to allocate and type of communication make in order to reach the right customer at the right time. Six M’s includes:

  1. 1.     Media:

In order to understand the best media to communicate the message to the broader audience, the marketerneeds to identify not only different types of vehicle available, but also the advantages and disadvantages of each media. Media should be selected on the basis of three criteria which include accessibility (do the ads reach the target audience), intrusiveness (do the product get noticed), and efficiency (cost effectiveness). There are two types of media:

Online and Viral ads:

Viral ads played a great role in a success of the promotional activity. Now people are more involved in internet activities in their leisure time. So placing ads on Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo makes the promotional activity more effective.

Benefit and cost: The biggest advantage of using social media the ads that are placed on a website must be viewed by the customer visiting that webpage it will create awareness about that brand easily

Similarly, if the promotion activity is done by sending an SMS or email messages it will give the exposer of the product directly to the customer and help marketer to reach to the desired customer at a low cost. Moreover, one of the main advantages is that customer can pass the same message or email to the concerned person he know, so it will increase the information sharing about the product

Pepsi and bricks Case Solution


Television ads are always a key to success in promotional activity for all the products and brands. It is very helpful in covering the mass media by displaying ads on a single time. People use to watch TV daily which give a benefit to the marketer to create awareness by making ads and displaying it at the right time.

Benefit and Cost: Commercial on TV required a high budget as Selection of best time for displaying ads played a major role to get success and demands a high budget. Like ads during news, cricket, football matches, and during famous TV programs that have a high viewer ship cost higher than other timings. Time allocation for the ad to display on the channel is very important to reach the mass audience............

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