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In December 2012, Amir Peleg, CEO and creator of TaKaDu, reflected on the best way to place his young business for the next fiscal year and beyond. The tiny Israeli startup had developed an advanced software system that used statistical evaluation and patented algorithms to detect problems such as leaks, blasts, and defective equipment within a water utility's infrastructure. Such difficulties caused significant water and energy decline at many utilities, led to service interruptions for consumers, and were just getting worse as the existing infrastructure aged. Since its establishment in year 2009, nine customers had been brought by TaKaDu from around the world.

Some in the company called to making the system more easily deployable, as deploying the TaKaDu service with a fresh customer for devoting the bulk of the resources of TaKaDu could take up to two months. Peleg also wondered if the firm should continue to pursue sales leads from any place on the planet, or focus on one geographic market (and if so, what area should he select)? TaKaDu had one Australian customer, was this region to focus on?

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