Geox: Breathing Innovation into Shoes Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In the early 1990s, creator, business owner and erstwhile wine maker Mario Moretti Polegato, suffering from sweaty and hot feet, utilized a pocket knife to cut holes in the soles of his tennis shoes, thus developing the very first pair of "shoes that breathe". Persuaded that his innovative option might be changed into a commercially effective item, Polegato invested numerous years establishing a breathable membrane for shoes that enable the feet to breathe while continuing to be leak-proof. When he prospered in producing the prototype of such an innovation in the lab, he instantly patented it and started marketing it to existing shoe producers.

He hence chose to embark on his own, and began producing these "breathing" shoes under the Geox brand name. The business performed its company in 68 nations around the world through over 10,000 multi-brand points of sale and 997 single-brand Geox stores. By presenting yet another item to the extremely competitive and recognized shoe market, Geox had actually effectively shown the power of innovation.


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Geox: Breathing Innovation into Shoes

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