The K-Dow Petrochemicals Joint Venture Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In 2007, the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and the Dow Chemical Company announced plans to launch a multibillion-dollar joint venture. After being recognized as K-Dow Petrochemicals, it would be one of the biggest makers of chemicals and plastics on earth. Analysts widely hailed the planned joint venture as a game-changing deal for both businesses.

Shortly after the announcement, cable network CNBC requested an interview with Andrew Liveris, Dow's CEO, about this enormous transaction. Liveris needed to determine the best way to respond. This case strategies for the joint venture as of January 2008, and provides a brief background on the industry, both businesses.


PUBLICATION DATE: September 09, 2011 PRODUCT #: 912002-PDF-ENG

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The K-Dow Petrochemicals Joint Venture

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