Strategic Planning at Apple Inc. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Apple Inc. is amongst the world's most successful and most recognizable companies. Over its 30 year existence, the company had seen lots of changes in the computer industry.

What would the future hold for the computer giant in a quickly changing world? How should the business allocate resources between its more traditional offerings (computers) and its newer products (iPods, iPhones, Apple TV, etc.) in order to preserve and enhance its market position. Additionally, how should Apple's unique retail strategy be used by capitalizing on new and emerging tendencies thereby further maintaining its competitive advantage, and to support the business's product decisions.

Strategic Planning at Apple Inc. case study solution

PUBLICATION DATE: January 11, 2010 PRODUCT #: 909A26-PDF-ENG

This is just an excerpt. This case is about SALES & MARKETING

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Strategic Planning at Apple Inc.

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