Xiameter: The Past and Future of a Disruptive Innovation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Case study of a successful strategy formulated at Dow Corning silicones for marketing of goods, chemicals used in various applications. It deals with important issues in B2B marketing: refocusing on user needs and develops "needs-based" segmentation industrial customers, packaging and complete de-technical services, branding commodity chemicals Web low price / value offer no-frills, make money with the goods. The case also describes the "tipping point" in the history of Dow Corning and strategies, where their leadership in silicone case was at stake, the management was to outline a radical new way to compete in a commoditized market - what they call their "disruptive innovation." At the end, students are asked to look at the success XIAMETER (web company brand) and decide its future. following options: maintain the status quo, gradually tuning strategy, go for repairs. Learning objectives: XIAMETER case can be used to: 1) shows an example of a successful customer ideas to redefine the business and marketing strategy, and 2) to address the issues of segmentation, value proposition and branding in industrial marketing, and 3) shows how the values ​​of two contrasting proposals may be offered to industrial customers under different brands, and 4) discuss the importance of innovation in B2B markets, and 5) to examine and analyze the elements of a successful Internet business models, and 6) learn how adversity can challenge the organization to redefine its business and marketing strategies for future success. "Hide
by Kamran Kashani, Inna Francis Source: IMD 21 pages. Publication Date: December 1, 2006. Prod. #: IMD433-PDF-ENG

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Xiameter: The Past and Future of a Disruptive Innovation

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