The Piercer Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Jessica Pierce and Ashley Mound have developed a an innovative product for assignment entrepreneurship class so that be presented, so that potential investors. They now need, to determine 1), which target markets have the most potential, 2), which the distribution channels-to-use and 3) estimate of the sales volume. Purpose from case is, to teach students how to use secondary resources Research from the typical library to ensure explore by nature out of market for a new product. This case is appropriate for a the introductory business-, entrepreneurship, the business-planning, the introductory marketing or courses of marketing research. It can also be used as instrument's valuation. «Hide
on Colin Sharen, Nicole Nolan Source: Richard Ivey school of business Foundation 8 pages. Publish date: August 22, 2008. Prod. #: 908M57-PDF-ENG

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