Strategic Leadership in a Changing World Assignment Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Strategic Leadership in a Changing World Assignment Case Study Solution

Digital communication theory

By embracing the digital communication strategy; the company would communicate to the customers through SMS, Chat and Social media. It is because of the fact that the target market of the company is true digital natives; the use of digital communication is usual and this generation was raised on social media and the internet. Additionally, the impact of social media platform exemplifies the significance of communication theory for the fashion or apparel industry.(Kalbaska, 2019).

SWOT analysis

The analysis of the presented challenges, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses allows the company to evaluate the position in the competitive market critically. The company has a wide range of the products and services. The major strengths of the company are its positive market image and high brand value. Additionally, Asda has constant touch with its customer base through social networking due to which it would not be problematic for the company to heavily rely on the online sales channel in the facet of the global epidemic crises. On the other hand, the weakness of the company is that the company has limited international presence in comparison to its competitors.  Furthermore, the company could exploit the opportunities of venturing into growing markets and acquiring the companies which would help Asda to have further growth. In contradiction, the company could be threatened by the intensity of rivalry between the market competitors and the pressure of maintaining the low price, which could downsize the margin of the company.

Transformational leadership theories

The transformational leadership theories should be adopted by the organizations in order to boost its efficiency and to remain competitive by attaining the maximum capacity of efficiency from its employees. It is because of the fact that the current pandemic has placed an extraordinary demand on the leaders in business.The leaders need to better mobilize the company by setting clear priorities and empowering others to implement and discover solutions that serve those priorities.The leader also empower the right person to make responsive decision across the team network during crises(Smet, 2020).The transformational leadership style would help in change process as the employees would be motivated towards achieving the organizational goals and objectives.(Hallinger, 2003).

Porter five forces model

Another model that could be used to assess the strategic position of the company is porter five forces. The industry in which the company operates is highly competitive, fragmented and lucrative. The competitors implement aggressive pricing strategy to retain the existing and attracting the new customers. Since Asda is one of the biggest supermarket chain in the UK; it has constant ongoing competition due to which the supplier have high bargaining power. Similarly, on account of the larger number of market player; the buyers have more power to bargain on value and price. However, in the case of Asda; the price of the products are already low, which means that the customer have less power of bargaining as the company delights the customer through offering high quality products at lower price. The threat of substitutes is high force due to the availability of similar options forthe customers. The threat of new entrant is low force, because of the presence of already established market player with higher market share. The startup capital requirement and the rigorous market competition could hinder the new entrants from entering into the market.(Porter, 2019).


Asda is in critical situation of avoiding the loss of suppliers on account of current global crises and low demand of the clothing lines, due to which the company needs to boost the sales of clothing items through online sales channel. The evaluation of models and theories suggest for the transformational leadership style, collaborative work environment and the network of team to respond to the crises....................................


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