Managing Analytics at Procter & Gamble Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Managing Analytics at Procter & Gamble Case Study Solution


  • The sole purpose of IDS system is to provide data analytics and to enable its leaders to direct the business. Beside which, P&G’s leader are still unsure about its concentrated product whether it will grow its sales or become a failure in the market
  • The type of metrics that P&G was using; takes only macroeconomic factors, avoiding the local need of the market
  • P&G has taken the decision of being solely dependent on its data analytics.There are still errors and skewed data which might mislead its decision, due to which P&G could face certain consequences.
  • The models do not include the results of the disruptive change and compaction, which force Torres to override the results.

On the basis of the above analysis; Torres is suggested to override the forecast results from 1%, using conservative approach to avoid any negative impact of disruption and compaction.

4. What are some of the key success factors of organizational B/A initiatives?

Key Success Factors (KSFs) are usually the type of performance measurement indicator which help the company in identifying its flaws and understanding how efficiently an organization or department is performing.

One should be very selective when identifying a performance measurement indicator, as an incorrect selection would lead a business towards its downfall and others might not understand the reason behind it. To evaluate the success and failure of my company; I would use the following metrics.


If the company is not performing as it is expected to perform; its profits might decrease. This downfall will indicate that there is something wrong with the sales of the firm or it can also be the cost which decreases the overall profitability of the company.


Cost measures the effectiveness of the firm, and management should find the best way to reduce it, because in the long run there are more chances that it will be increased due to the inflation. Hence, cost management is another KPI which helps in reducing or managing the cost of the firm while increasing its overall profitability.

Actual revenue Vs. Projected

There is always a comparison between the actual revenue and the targeted one. Making charts and analyzing the discrepancies between the two numbers will help in identifying how the company is performing.

Customer acquisition cost

This enables the company to determine the cost of effectiveness in its marketing campaign. The KPI is obtained by dividing total acquisition costs by the number of new customers in the specified time frame.

Number of customers

This metric is similar to profits. It simply indicates whether a company is successful in gaining new customers or losing them. It also helps in understanding if we’re meeting the customers’ requirement or not...................................


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