Caesar IT Services: Marketing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Caesar IT Services: Marketing Case Solution


Caesar group is an IT based company which started its business in Dutch in 1983. Initially, the company had 300 employees as its workforce. In addition, the company started its business in two main dimensions. The services which the company was offering included the IT outsourcing services as well as the professional IT services in which two sub dimensions were or projects were running the first was body shopping and the second was time value project. In 2005, the company dispatched time value project in the commercial center and present two worthy recommendations (body shopping and time value ventures) utilizing and integrated authoritative schedules under one brand name.

Problem Statement

There were several competencies and strengths which the company had while the company has some weakness or problems. In this section, the analyst will be focusing to identify problems.

  • The first problem was that the advertisement campaign was weak to engage the forth coming clients. Moreover, the existing clients were facing difficulties in looking the additional estimation of the Time value venture division well beyond the shopping division.
  • The second issue was that the pricing or sales strategy of the company was weak as, every sales manager was facing a problem to give two products in a single portfolio.Moreover, the selling process for body shopping was a short sales procedure while the other one was a time taken and long selling procedure.
  • Afterwards, the third issue was that the top management was pursuing a weak strategy which was creatingconflicts, disappointments and was declining the performance of the key personnel of the company.
  • Finally, the per hour basispricing strategy also threatened the company as, there was a lack of compatibility and synchronization among the clients and services providers because of the said strategy.


The company can use push strategy in short term while it can use other effective marketing strategies such price penetration, market penetration, diversification and other similar strategies in long term to meet the bottom line of maintaining and increasing the margins.

The company should make it selling process simple and effective in the short run to achieve maximum sales however, the company can switch towards other relative market to ensure revenue growth.

The company should make flexible working strategies and environment to keep its staff motivated and to work effectively and efficiently however, this issue cannot be addressed if the company doesn’t avoid ambiguous and anxious strategies.

Finally, to cover the incompatibility and lack of synchronization the company has to increase its workforce since, the company is providing 24 hour services while the company will has to make shift bases employment system to cover all of its targeted clients.


In this paper, the analyst will use conjoint analysis, as this analysis will give findings for the respective targeted audience in a statistical way which will provide clear understanding about the needs, wants and demands of the customer. Moreover, this analysis is very crucial for the company as, by evaluating the business through conjoint analysis, the company will be able to design projects as per the requirements of the clients.

Conjoint Analysis of the Time Value Project

The segment will be considered as bunches in our analysis as each segment contains information of multidimensional space. Every segment has different clients which have similar inclinations. The distinctions as compared to the total market normally highlight the attributes of each group [i.e. Segment 1 values the brand name of a supplier ("Cap Gemini" scores 44.06 versus 28.61 of Total Advertise) and is less price sensitive ("Low" scores 17.07 versus 56.31 of Total Market); Segment 2 values a time and spending plan ensure profoundly and is modestly cost sensitive; Segment 3 is extremely cost sensitive]. The last column shows the length of every segment.............

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