Target Corporation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Target Corporation Case Solution


Target Corporation has its main office at the Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis, near the site of the original Good Fellows Store. In 1902, George Dayton established the company in Minneapolis. Initially, as the company’s name was Dayton Dry Goods Company and then he spread his operations in other areas. Moreover, the company built its first store in the city of Roseville, Minnesota in 1962. Furthermore, Target Corporation is now considered as one of the leading companies in the world who provide its customers high-quality services at affordable prices. On the other hand, after Wal-Mart and Amazon, Target Corporation is considered as the third largest discount retailer in United States. The company operated in 49 states with 37 distribution centers. Moreover, the company also has approximately 189 Zellers sites. The culture of the company depends on the association between the corporation and its customers.

Target Corporation is one of the country's biggest merchants with three free supply chains. Logistics is an extensive piece of business when circulating to such a large number of various items classifications. Moreover, Target swung to e-transportation pioneer NTE, which is a primary electronic segments supplier. After analyzing the market analysis, it is evaluated that the food retailers have faced intense competition in the market. Therefore, in order to cope up with these challenges. all the retailer companies decide that they will put more of their effort in maintaining their supply chain activities, which would help them in meeting in steady business growth in the highly competitive market as well as lead the company to success. Lack of communication in the supply chain department results in the lack of product sales and empty shelves.

The COO of the Target Corporations observed that the supply chain activities of the companies for fresh foods are not reliable in many countries of the world. As a result, in order to maintain the supply chain activities of the company, the management team decided that it will form a partnership with outside players, which would help the company in maintaining its shortage of inventory in the stores as well as strengthen the company’s position in the food industry. Moreover, the shift approached as Target also sought to refurbish its foodstuff industry with latest contributions and intend to obtain a larger share of e-commerce grocery revenues.

 In March, the management team conducted a meeting with the investors in which they announced that they will spend $ 2 billion in supply chain activities and technology upgrading, which would help the company in bringing a higher market share in the food industry as well as assist them in achieving its competitive edge over its competitors. Moreover, the objective of the company is to formulate Target viable between Amazon and Wal-Mart without utilizing their capital-intensive strategy of undulating out manifold stockrooms and supply center.Target Corporation Case Solution

As a component of the methodology, the organization will likewise separate items that its administration accepts are not required, and those things that earn moderately low while consuming up room at its stores. This additionally mirrors the most extensive pattern that has developed of late among customer merchandisers and retail enterprises, to disentangle their generation choices for buyers. The discount chain might likewise slice the quantity of tastes, volumes, and in certain cases, even brands off the racks, to alter stock issues that have tormented the execution of its almost two thousand stores in the United States.................

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