The Collective Intelligence Genome Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Google. Wikipedia. Threadless. All of them are platinum copies collective intelligence in action. Two of them are known. Third to get there. Each of the three helps show how large, poorly organized groups of people can work together electronically in surprisingly effective ways - sometimes without even knowing that they are working together, as is the case with Google. In the authors' paper on the center of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology collective intelligence, they have collected about 250 examples of web-enabled collective intelligence. After considering these examples in depth, they have identified a relatively small set of blocks that are combined and recombined in different ways in different systems of collective intelligence. This article proposes a new framework for the understanding of these systems - and more importantly, to understand how to build them. It defines the basic building blocks - "genes" - that are at the heart of collective intelligence. It explores the conditions under which each gene is useful. And he begins to offer opportunities for association and recombination of these genes not only harness the crowd as a whole, but use them only in the way that your organization needs. "Hide
by Thomas W. Malone, Robert J. Laubacher, Chrysanthos Dellarocas Source: MIT Sloan Management Review 13 pages. Publication Date: April 1, 2010. Prod. #: SMR347-PDF-ENG

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The Collective Intelligence Genome

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