Sticks Kebob Shop Customer Survey Results Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Sticks Kebob Shop is a quick service restaurant. This restaurant mostly specializes in flame-grilled kebobs and fresh vegetarian dishes. The restaurant started its operations in 2001 and established four different restaurants in different localities namely Virginia, Charlottesville, Richmond and Williamsburg. The restaurant claims to provide a safe and clean facility.

This case is discussed in the marketing course. A Stick Executive teams has decided to open up a second store in Richmond Virginia. Before taking any decision the Executive teams wants to find out the information about restaurants customers. This includes decisions as to which location would best attract most of the customers and selecting a proper marketing channel to connect with customers. They decided that the restaurant must carry out a survey. The psychographic and demographic assumptions carried out by Executive team must be according to the market survey. The data must give a proper hint of where to locate the stores and the best marketing channels to better connect with customers.

Sticks Kebob Shop Customer Survey Results case study solution

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Sticks Kebob Shop Customer Survey Results

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