Respironics, Inc.: Take a Deep Breath [bestseller] Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

John Miclot is the CEO of Respironics. He decided to introduce the company to NASDAQ at Times Square as the company celeberated its 30th anniversary since its foundation. In 2006, for the first time in its history the revenues touched the benchmark of $ 1 Billion. Respironics has won several awards for sleep diagnostic tools and flow generators used to treat different patients.

Respironics, Inc. Take a Deep Breath bestseller case study solution

The company has a fluctuating market price. It has started remanufacturing one of its products. It has been losing market share in sleep therapy equipment market. However its main competitor ResMed Inc., has rapidly captured an increasing market share. Steps need to be taken to prevent a major loss in market share. Respironics could use the cash available for diversification and acquiring different companies. It could also invite invite global healthcare company to acquire it. All strategic options are being considered to make sure that Respironics recovers its lost market share and is able to compete with its competitors.

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Respironics, Inc.: Take a Deep Breath [bestseller]

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