Sport-Fresh Gels: Choosing a Path Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The creator and president of Sport-Fresh was in the center of a four-state road trip to meet his company's U.S. vendors and sales representatives. He  recently returned from an international trade show in Germany, and was keen to update his representatives about the unbelievable answer the business product Sport -Fresh, a disinfecting equipment aerosol, had received.

But he was worried about the time commitment that needed him to juggle his normal workload in exactly the same time, and to follow up on all of the leads he had received. The president looked at the challenges and opportunities in front of him. Sport-Fresh was the only disinfectant spray on the marketplace; all of its other direct adversaries were odor masking and perfume sprays. There was potential for growth, if the president could find a way.

Sport-Fresh Gels Choosing a Path case solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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Sport-Fresh Gels: Choosing a Path

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