SG COWEN Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

SG COWEN Case Solution

Question 1:Evaluate the effectiveness of SG Owen’s recruiting and job search process. To what extent do they result in finding the best candidates for SG Cowen?


The management of SG Cowen practices a diverse and multi-pronged recruitment procedure for the hiring of new individuals in the company. The organization hires individuals for the associate posts in the company and the hiring process of the company starts at the end of winter season for the summer session of the business.

Hiring Process:

The three dimensional hiring process that the management of firm pursued is illustrated below.

  • Employees of the company who have been working as analysts.
  • Summer Internees at the company.
  • Hiring’s from the business school.

Employee`s at the company:

The management of the company gives due consideration in the hiring process to the employees of the company who have been working as analysts for the past three years with the firm although they did not had any business background. The management of the firm is of the view that these individuals have remained loyal with the firm and therefore, they are worthy of promotion as associate`s.

Summer internee`s:

The individuals who had been with the firm in the summers as internees were also eligible and considered for the jobs as associates in the firm and the criteria for their selection and recruitment was based on their performance during the internships at the firm. The primary features and characteristics that the firm considers among the individuals for the vacancies is their commitment, dedication and loyalty with their jobs and roles in the firm.

Hiring from the business schools:

The third dimension of the hiring process of the company are the students from “core business schools” primarily while the students from other schools are also considered for recruitment as an associate for the firm. This is done through on-campus presentations by the teams of the firm in the top ten business schools of the country and initial informative interviews to analyse the will and commitment of the students. The shortlisted candidates are then invited for the super Saturday where the evaluation and interview process is initiated and the top candidates are shortlisted for the jobs based on agreement of each and every member of the firm`s team.

Evaluation of the process:

The hiring and recruitment program of the firm is quite comprehensive and complete as it takes into account each and every aspect of the recruitment policies and procedures. The hiring of the analysts of the firm as associates is quite beneficial for the company as these individuals have been working for the organization for over three years and this has led them to develop an understanding of the culture and dynamics of the environment of the business while also proving their loyalty to the firm...................

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