Business Consultancy Proposal Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The Reboot system company has provided a request for proposal from consultants, andTulip IT Services limitedis proud to provide this Proposal for the research and strategy analysis and organizational projections. TulipCompany was founded in November 1994-95 in New Delhi, India; and currently headquartered in the origination country. The company helps other organizations by providing consultancy services, and specialized consulting especially for IT companies by providing solutions relating to their concerned issues.Tulip Company provides wide range of wireless applications to the consumers. The company has establishedstrong occurrences in the networking and also develop more designs and implementations on the wide area networks.

During the year 95-96, Tulip Company opened its other branch in Mumbai, which helped the organization in expanding to Western India, this is where the organization started providing Turnkey telecom solutions to Major Organization.

The Tulip Company also provided the facilities for the management, management of the networks and also provide the security services to the Indian organizations, and in 2004-05 the company launched its Wireless based Ip/Vpn Services through their new product, Tulip Connect, which increased their orders length to Rs. 1578 Lacs.


The organization or the consumer can easily share the ideas of an upcoming project with Tulip Company and it can help to get the complete proposal after evaluating the circumstances and information. That help to take the decision that the company continue the project or not.

Consultant or consultancy team of the tulip IT Service Company generally worked on the four major categories. They work for the whole project on which the company has decided. They provide the complete guidance for the plan and its process. They also design and gather the data during the information gathering phase.The Tulip Companyconsultant also helps in managing the training to create a more inclusive culture and also helps the stakeholders that how an organization is creating the environment for diverse communities. They also create the plan for evaluating the training and for a process of your comprehensiveness initiative.(tulip It consutancy and service company, 2005)

Business Consultancy Proposal Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The scope of the Assignment will consider factors of the current Indian market, the data of the consumer insights, the new concepts of the E-Waste and its implications on the refurbished computers business of Reboot Systems, and the Green Indian Ambassadors.

We will consider and evaluate the financial statements to make the proposals. Also that we will analyse the customer relationships with current and prospective clients. What other market factors and data analytics that have implications on the company strategy and marketing approaches that we already have given. Then further evaluating on the proposed requirement. The complete analyses of the strategies, the performance of the company and the financial statements help to make the best proposal for the company. (UNICEF)(

To obtain a bridge of India digital divide in an economic acceptability environment and an approachable way by building a justifiable business enterprises. To obtain that how to make India's first provider that offer the value-priced, certified, pre-owned computers with quality assurance and warranty..................

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