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This is the modern age of technology and innovation, E-commerce plays a crucial role in various businesses and industries in all global regions. Companies that continuously practice E-commerce are taking huge benefits from it due to the quick service and facilitation to the customer (Saqib Iqbal, 2009). E-commerce provides 24/7 online support to both buyers and suppliers and totally encourage the process of buying and selling electronically in order to ensure quick service delivery and customer satisfaction (Elsevier.B.V, 1988). The big advantage of E-commerce technology is knowledgeable buyers because currently everybody is interested in the technology and advancement and wants to learn about online facilitation services as much as he can. Companies are running their business efficiently with the help of E-commerce technology. At global level, business to consumer sales (B2C) has risen sharply over the last decade and as a result there has been a significant increase in online customers that has changed consumer behavior, needs and priorities (James, 2010).

Talking about the E-commerce Logistics, so it also plays a huge role in driving success to the logistics companies. Different companies have different E-commerce Logistics models developed for a different kind of products and services as per the need of the customers (Kelly, 2005). Successful implementations of E-commerce Logistics models are rapidly changing the physical distribution network for companies. Third party logistics is a firm that offers “Outsourced” services to customers in order to ensure the best performance in

supply chain management functions. Third party service providers are expert in integrated operation, warehousing and transportation services based on the customer needs and priorities as per the market conditions (H.Brumme, 2010).

Statement of the Problem:

Impact of E-commerce on logistics management in China with respect to the post office for the efficient utilization of service delivery in China


H1Relationship between  E-commerce  and logistics is effective in China
H2Relationship between E-commerce and logistics is effective in USA


China Post Office has a significant impact on E-commerce logistics.


Variables to be Studied:

Independent Variable

  • Third Party Logistics
  • Customer Relationship
  • Brand Image
  • Web  image
  • Potential entrants
  • Suppliers/Producers 

Dependent Variable

E-commerce influence

Possible Research Findings

This research would possibly determine the impact of E-commerce on the logistics industry of China in relationship with the role of post office. Furthermore, E-commerce can play an optimistic ....................

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