SodaStream Takes on Coke and Pepsi Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

SodaStream International Limited is an Israel-based company that pioneered the home carbonation marketplace. Pop manufacturers are sold by the company that enable the consumer to prepare at home sparkling water or an assortment of flavoured carbonated beverages. After its IPO in 2010, its chief executive officer desired to instantaneously grow the business and set a $1 billion revenue target (from 2012 earnings of $436.32 million) by putting large emphasis on the U.S. market, the largest in the world for non-carbonated drinks.  Along with going up against global drink behemoths, Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo - whose marketing budgets alone are five to eight times SodaStream's sales - SodaStream faces new competitors in Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and Primo Water Corporation, who pose a direct challenge to its challenging goal. The writer Ram Subramanian is connected with Montclair State University.

SodaStream Takes on Coke and Pepsi case study solution


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SodaStream Takes on Coke and Pepsi

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