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Average of these variables has been taken to identify the overall results of the Washington and Atlanta office. Responses from the Washington office revealed that out of 168 respondents, 67 were male respondents, and 101 were female respondents. Further, 44 respondents were unmarried, and 123 were married. Averages of the variables show that workload of the associates in the Washington office is 3.80 that was on the higher side. Along with that, an associate’s intention to quit was on the lower side with an average of 2.01. Further, conflicts between personal and professional life were on a higher side with an average of 2.59. Moreover, organizational commitment of the associates with the company was also on the higher side with an average of 3.44. Perceived burnout of the associates from the company was at the middle level with an average of 2.26. In the end, perceived organizational support is on the higher side with an average of 3.18.

Responses from the Atlanta office revealed that out of 167 respondents, 50 of the respondents were male while, the remaining 117 were females. In addition to that, as far as the marital status was concerned, 49 respondents were unmarried out of 197 respondents and the remaining 118 respondents were married. By taking the average of the associates in the Atlanta’s office, the management of the company can find out the difference between the satisfaction levels of the associates where the program has been implemented and where the company was thinking to apply the program. The overall average score of the Washington office was better than the Atlanta office that shows the effectiveness of the program. The workload in the Atlanta office is 4.03 that is again on the higher side; however, it is more than Washington office that proves that after the implementation of the program, the associates of the company will receive less workload than other offices of the company.

Further, the average score for the next variable is 2.03 that shows people are less indented towards quitting their jobs but again the scores are lower than the Washington office. Same scores have resulted with the other variables as well.

To further elaborate and interpret the data from the survey, regression analysis has been done to understand the relationships between the variables with respect to an associate’s age, gender and marital status. With the help of regression analysis, the relationship and the interdependency between one or more variables can be identified. R square in regression analysis showed a variation level between the variables. In order to prove a strong relationship between the variables, the R square value should be 100% or nearest to 1.

The initial three sheets are the calculations done for the Washington office, and the next three sheets are the calculations that have been done for the Atlanta’s office. Calculations provided in the first sheet shows the relationship between all the variables with respect to the age of the associates. R square in the first sheet is 0.008 that is 0.08% which is even less than 1%. Further, the significance level should be less than 0.05 but here, all the values are more than 0.05 that revealed that there is no relation between age and the variables used in the study.

The next sheet showed regression analysis with respect to the gender of the respondents and showed R square of 0.06 that is 6%. P value of the variables should also be less than 0.05. Workload and work-life balance has a positive relationship with the gender of the respondents as the P-value of workload and work-life conflict is 0.013 and 0.045 respectively. The next sheet shows regression analysis with respect to the marital status of respondents.

Regression analysis has been done for respondents of Atlanta’s office as well. The results for the analysis were more or less the same except for one variable with respect to the marital status. Work-life conflict is positively correlated with a P-value of 0.014 that shows marital life status does affect the business and professional life of associates......................................

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