Report on Statistical Analysis Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Objectives of the Statistical Analysis:

  • The first objective of the analysis is to test whether the customer intends to use ride-hailing services significantly affected by perceived accessibility, perceived price, and perceived safety or not?
  • Consumer innovativeness moderates the relationship of perceived convenience, perceived price, and perceived safety with respect to the customer intends to use ride-hailing
  • Customer’s intention to use ride-hailing service is significantly different from male and female, age groups, income levels, education levels and occupation.

Analysis Techniques:

The techniques which have been used for the analysis using the JMP software includes the Cronbach alpha to test the reliability of independent variables over thedependent variable. The result has been discussed below:
Report on Statistical Analysis Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Cronbach Alpha:

Entire set0.8735


Excluded Columnα 

Analysis of Cronbach Alpha:

The above table shows the results of reliability test by using the Cronbach Alpha technique. It shows that the overall result of Cronbach Alpha test is greater than the minimum acceptable range of at least 0.6 or 0.7 and the data used for dependent and independent variables after merging the questions of each variable shows the satisfactory result of around 0.8735. Moreover, the individual variable is also tested and all the variables show reliability more than 0.7, which shows that the data set and questionnaire is reliable.

Linear Fit of Independent variables over dependent variable:

This analysis has been performed by using the scatter plot of each independent variable over thedependent variable. This shows that the innovativeness is varying the customer intends to use ride-hailing services by around 33% whereas, it is varied by other variables by around 77%. The scatter plots of the data show that there are more outliers and leverage values which are very high.

This needs to be evaluated further on the basis of its f-value and p-value. The results of F-value shows that the model is model whereas, p-values of all the variables are less than the required range of 5% which show that the nullhypothesis will be rejected and there lies a correlation of independent variables over dependent variables and there is linear fit between them.



TermEstimateStandard Errort RatioProbability >|t|
Perceived Convenience0.51723570.0606798.52<.0001*


TermEstimateStandard Errort RatioProbability >|t|
Perceived Accessibility0.51024910.0560839.10<.0001*


TermEstimateStandard Errort RatioProbability >|t|


TermEstimateStandard Errort RatioProbability >|t|
Perceived Safety0.48432380.0568888.51<.0001*


TermEstimateStandard Errort RatioProbability >|t|




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