Endeavor: Miami Heats Up Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


  • In Miami, the potential to find the high impact entrepreneurs was not known and there are also few potential entrepreneurial mentors.
  • Other problems could also create threats such as Miami can pull the focus away from the other affiliates, drain the resources and generally not work because of lack of local mentors.

SWOT Analysis for Not Entering Miami


  • Miami has been strengthening its network by creating new affiliates in the emerging counties so far.
  • Endeavor Global has made it a strong point for becoming consistent and systematic in maintaining their model for the operating.


  • The strategic model of Endeavor Global has proved to be successful at the international level however, the first step of the model in Miami seems to be unstable.
  • The company lacks the funds and it is looking for establishing a relevant funding model.


  • Endeavor Global can expand to other emerging markets of the world and achieve its objective of 25 by 2015.
  • It can expand in emerging markets and acquire the funding through its current revenue model.
  • Kempner had projected that by 2017, Endeavor Global would be entirely financed by the modest growth from the returns from Endeavor Catalyst and the existing recurring revenue streams.
  • Endeavor Miami Heats Up Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


  • If Endeavor Global does not expand to Miami, then it might lose an important opportunity to enter the US market.
  • If it entered to another emerging market and failed, then it could have serious impact on the Endeavor Global entrepreneurs of the company.
  • The revenues of the company might be affected and it might face funding problems.


  • Based on the above analysis of both the scenarios, we recommend that Endeavor Global do not establish its operations in Miami because the operating and revenue model of the company has proven to be successful on an international scale but opening affiliate in Miami would hinder the goal of 25 countries by 2015 for Endeavor Global.
  • A Miami affiliate would require more time and other affiliates might become concerned that the leaders are devoting more resources and time to Miami affiliate. There is also no pressure to enter US right now therefore, it is recommended not to enter Miami.

Question 3

What is Endeavor’s business model? What are the opportunities and threats in Endeavor’s current strategic position? What are the strengths and weaknesses of Endeavor’s operating platform? How does Endeavor measure the value it creates for all stakeholders?

Business Model of Endeavor Global

  • The business model of the company was based on establishing the high impact entrepreneurship as the leading force for sustainable economic development.
  • The company helps to search for screening, identifying and selecting a country’s entrepreneurs and accelerating their scale, growth and speed of success.

Opportunities from Strategic Position

  • The support of Endeavor Global for EEs created opportunities for experienced local advisors and institutional bonds with the mentors and service providers.
  • The current position of the company was strong enough to enter any regional markets around the world and it was also pursuing establishing operations in international markets............................
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