Better Works Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

 Better Works Case Solution

Market analysis

The market in which the entrepreneur of whom I am going to interview is from the information technology market. The market is a huge market and has seen great success in the last 3 decades. This is the market which has experienced dramatic changes in the business practices in all the sectors of the industry.
Information technology covers a great number of related disciplines and areas from many devices and products. From softwares to hardwares it is all due to the information technology which has made these products and services. The hardwares manufactured by information technology market are mainframes, servers, personal computers and mobile devices and the softwares that have been provided by this industry are data storage devices, back up devices network and internet.
Information technology is a term that first appeared in the year 1958, as it was one said that technology does not have a single established name yet and the person was an author of Harvard business review. Moreover,he introduced the term and named the technology with information technology.
The market analysis of the information technology market is from the year 2012. The market shows the trends and market shares of the technologies introduced in the market from the industry. The market segmentation of the information technology market is as follows:

Market segmentation

Segmentation is the process of partitioning a large heterogeneous market into smaller groups or business, which shows similar needs and or characteristics, thus resulting into a similar purchase behavior. The criteria for effective market segmentation are to identify the size of the market, accessibility of the market and responsiveness of the market. (Bodimeade, 2012)

The market segmentation for the information technology market is as follow.
Internet of things market is a big segment of the market, which holds a compound annual growth rate of 30% and the current market value of this segment is US$ 44 billion. The organic light- emitting diode market segment shares a compound annual growth rate of 32.6% and the current market share of this is US$ 4.9 billion. The application server market holds a market share on compound market rate is 17% and the market share of this segment is US$ 7 billion. The software known as net working market holds a 60% compound market rate share in the market and the current market share of this segment is US$ 198 billion.

Context of the business

The name of the company is Better Works and the person I am going to interview is Mr. Kris Duggan. He is the Co-founder and the CEO of the company.


The culture of the industry is to innovate and innovation requires ideas and knowledge to flow in the organization therefore,a company, which has the environment of allowing the people to create and think innovatively, is considered to be its asset. The organization of which the Co-founder’s interview is to be taken also exercises the same culture in the organization as the other co-founder of the organization is a technical person who seems to be close to the technical and innovative people of the organization.


Organizations in this industry are making new technologies on a daily basis and the industry is growing by leaps and bounds. The legal issues arise when a technology has been previously introduced by someone else and the other organization is about to use a similar technology. The legal issues do arise in this industry. Better Works organization is somehow capable of keeping the uniqueness of the organization and has not violated any of the legal rights of others.


The political environment is healthy for an organization that exercises in this industry as the government of the country supports the industry as the governments see their profits flourishing in the information technology industry. The cause of making this industry a political stable industry is the high returns from the industry...................

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