Jimmy Choo Marketing & Market Research Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The case illustrates the marketing andentry strategy of the luxurious brand Shoe “JimmyChoo,” founded in 1996 by Jimmy Choo and Tamara Mellon. It tapped the marketinitially at the times of PrincessDiana, who offered a kick start to the brand and helped Jimmy Choo in making its pale in luxury brand.The key success point of Jimmy Choo is itsdesign which iscreated by Sandra Choi, the niece of Jimmy Choo.Over the period of time, Jimmy Choo hadfacednumerousacquisitions by different companies but has sustained its parent strategy and thebusiness strategy on the market.In 2001, Jimmy Choo wasacquired by JAB holdings, a multi-billion company.Under the JAB management and the CEO Denis, Jimmy Choo is planning to expand into China, for which they have to decide the marketentry strategy, business strategy, marketpositioningstrategy, and other strategies.

Since the Chinese market is the emerging market and engravesgreatpotential, it offers the continuous stream of revenues for Jimmy Choo, if it succeeds to enter the market with thebest strategy.The problem attributed to theChinesemarketis, that it has adifferent culture, market segmentation and buying behavior with distinctphysiographic.Under such situation, Jimmy Choohas to develop a tailored strategy to enter the Chinesemarket, in order to sustain the business andalso ensure the continuity of cash flows from theChinese market.

Jimmy Choo Marketing & Market Research Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In doing so, the company willutilizethe technique of market research in developing the understanding of the Chinese market. Under themarket research it willutilize the qualitative method of data collection so to grasp the knowledgeof market withminimal constraint of having prior studies on same subject.

Keywords:  Market Entry Strategy, Business plan, Adaptation, Standardization


What will be the segmentation strategy for ‘‘Jimmy Choo ’’ in the Chinese shoe market? Is ‘Jimmy Choo’ going to use imitation or innovative strategies or both in order for targeting the segments? Clearly describe what segments, why (based on what factors and the arguments), and how (what strategies to use) ‘Jimmy Choo’ should target its segments?

The market of China has shown a tremendous growth and potential to purchase the goods andservices.Over the period of time, the Chinesemarket has become thecenter of attention for manybusinesses, similarly, in the current era, Jimmy Choo, the luxurious shoe brand is planning to enter the Chinese market through a well-tailored entry strategy, that sustains its position in the Chinese market which is fragmented (due to recent emergence of globalization in China),and also offers the platform that retains its value proposition andbrand image in the international market including Asia. In doing so, Jimmy Choo has to develop certain marketing mix that allows it to identify the best Market strategy, under which segmentation strategy has to be decided first. Also, in order to pursue the particular segmentation strategy Jimmy Choo has to decide the area to enter through into China and its culture, values, lifestyle etc.


The segmentation strategy of JimmyChoo in the Chinesemarket will be expanded on the combination strategy of Psychographic and geographicstrategy.Since Chinese market is totally a different market, with district culture, buying behaviorand market trends, the company will tap into themarket through analyzing the lifestyle,............................

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