The AMH hospital implementing the new project i.e.e six sigma in which they have to gather the data, use the Cap technique and applying the 5 DMAIC i.e Define, Measure, analyze, improve and control.Mr. Elbridge, Mrs. Mc Cre and Mr. Hamilton play vital role in contempting ion these affairs by promoting their team member. By using the statical data they analyze different scenories based on the hypothese that customer will very satisfied with the servcies or customer will distaified based on those circumstances they are able to conclude the result with the strong power of understding.(Inoue, 1988). Highlight the long time wait for emergency department and recommendation to improve it. It also decribe operation utilized a 10 step quality assurance. Introduced the 6 sigma supply partners in the firm. The opportunities regarding this project include the elimination of excess time regarding to the treatment of paitents in the ED also the hospital will be able to remove operational defects and to eliminate wastes such as time, while the medical staff is bieng offered an overtime incentives for their voluntary participation in the strategy. The black belt is responsible for the training of others in the implementation of the six sigma strategy.


The AMH (Academic Medical Hospital) is a famous hospital working for last ten years and serving thousands of patients every month and known for the service of many medical schools also it deals in medical sciences and working as a hospital to. It is also known as the largest employer in the area, its serving many medical universities and teaching as a medical school in a small rural state’s university. The hospital is serving for many years as we discussed although the major area of ecpertise includes the emergency services which were bieng aviled by the emergency department (ED).
Through ED patients was able to take treatments of major injuries or life threatening problems, the ED follows its own procedure in order to give the treatment to the patients, this process includes the following steps

1. Firstly the patient waits for a while in the lobby to get himself addresed by the management
2. Then he moves towards the examination room where a nurse gives him a first aid and fulfill all inquiries
3. Then he regiester himself through where the inquiry about his insurance and other required document has been fulfilled
4. Then he moves towards the medical examination room where he get the initial check up
5. And finally he moves towards the original and required medical assistance and a Medical Doctor has assigned to treat the patient.
Overall the process is satisfactory and making better results on the other hand its quite time taken and makes it very complicated to the patient since it requires a lot of time and also the patient who have major injuries or who is hanging between life and death will not be able to survive that long to follow the procedures.

A though it has been seen that sometime the patient have to wait for almost an hour in order to get assigned to a doctor. Al though it is quite difficult for the patient to survive that long with out any treatment. While the chief of staff Dr Garry Elbridge is quite steers full for the condition...........................

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