Renovating Home Depot: 2000-2006 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Manzoni, Jean-François; Barsoux, Jean-Louis

Over 5 years, he handled to change this seat-of-the-pants operation into a much more robust business, while at the very same time continuing to provide strong monetary outcomes. He likewise rearranged the business for development in markets where there was little severe competitors. There were unpleasant issues throughout his period: doubts from experts about where he was taking the business; criticism from previous executives that he was eliminating the entrepreneurial culture; concern marks over the spirits of shop staff members; grievances about consumer service; and public displeasure for his broadening reimbursement plan.

Knowing goals: The case covers 4 vital management concerns: 1) The intricacy of leading a huge business - and the 3 crucial functions needed of leaders - as mobilizers, designers and strategists. 2) The trouble of changing an effective company - and how to make the case for modification in such a business. 4) The requirement to handle oneself over time - especially in terms of keeping one's capability to listen, as well as coping with dissatisfaction and coping with criticism.

Renovating Home Depot 2000-2006 case study solution

Subjects: Leadership; Change; Strategy; Culture; Customer service; Growth; Resistance; Communication; Shareholders; Alignment

Settings: United States ; Retailing in the home improvement sector ; 364,000 employees ; 2000-2006

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Renovating Home Depot: 2000-2006

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