To Sink or Swim When Floating Stock Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

While it's clear why some businesses, like Facebook, might choose to go public at this stage of their advancement, the IPO process itself is costly and time consuming, and will transform a business beyond recognition.

Facebook's lackluster advent, in May 2012, has simply augmented longstanding concerns that IPOs are mostly being used to enrich a select few within the investment banking community along with their most prized clients, frequently at the expense of the very firms the banks are being paid to take public. By doing this this informative article discusses the motivations behind IPOs, how they work in practice, what companies can expect to gain from going public, and, just as significantly, the dangers they may face. Additionally, it examines the present state of play in the IPO markets, together with the chance of some other dot-com bubble.


To Sink or Swim When Floating Stock Case Study Solution

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To Sink or Swim When Floating Stock

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