Regulatory Reform at OSH(C) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Federal occupational safety and health administration, established by Congress in 1970 to reduce what was seen as still alarming level of industrial accidents was, 20 years later, became a lightning rod for controversy. His supporters saw it as a bulwark of defense sale working conditions but opponents portrayed him as abusive intrusive, creating bureaucratic nightmare for employers. With this background - and to the reduction of labor and other resources - OSHA officials in Maine, in 1991, try a radically different approach to their task, targeting 200 companies, the data told them the most important state to match. OSHA hopes and to avoid diluting the inspection capacity it has - and to find ways to persuade, not force through the law, business, and to make improvements. The obvious success of Maine 200 program at the time, when the new Clinton administration is seeking a government of "perestroika" program, it can be widely replicated. HKS Case Number 1373.0 "Hide
by Harvey Simon, Malcolm Sparrow, 14 pages. Publication Date: January 1, 1997. Prod. #: HKS286-PDF-ENG

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Regulatory Reform at OSH(C)

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