Uganda and the Washington Consensus Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Uganda and the Washington Consensus Case Solution

Under the leadership Museveni, the Ugandan president; much of the world has heaped compliments on the country for transforming its economy from destruction to increase and handling the racial and ethnic strife that's split the state before. In the aftermath of reforms that were implemented over a course of a decade, Uganda now is reaping some of the advantages brought by economic austerity. Really, Uganda represents a testament for structural adjustment operated by IMF.
President Museveni must determine the best method in which to rule his nation into the next century. Main challenges include: the best way to diversify the export base and attract foreign investment; the best way to handle the weight inflicted by external debt; and the best way to distribute scarce assets (balancing competing demands for investment in human capital, spending on social and economic infrastructure and well-being services, together with an entire host of other demands).

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PUBLICATION DATE: February 26, 1998

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