Recompute Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The company Recompute is basically a desktop computer which addresses or looks after the sustainability during its manufacturing, usability and the disposal for the life cycle of a particular object. Basically the computers that are manufactured by the company are ecofriendly. Recompute has been the first sustainable production computer system which has been originated from the UH industrial Design Program and based in Houston, TX.

The company has been looking for clever and resourceful employees who can become a part of this team and willing to work on providing the customers with the eco-friendly manufacturing business. This product is a new innovation in the market which can be a successful entity in the future. The company is on the verge of growth because it is one its kind.


Recompute has been chosen as the entity to be discussed in the paper because the product is a new invention in the market. Also it does not have a specific market to target, in fact, Recompute is trying to present itself in the market as an eco-friendly desktop PC manufacturer.

Therefore the entity or the target market for the product through its website is to reach maximum clients. Another reason to select this as the company or the website is because it is not one of those lucrative and popular FMCG brands that are being sold online which have a strong customer base. In fact, Recompute is not a known brand and if the company can sell desktop PC through effective online marketing strategy it can actually turn into a successful brand which can sell its product through online channel.

Objectives achieved through internet

The company, has been chosen because their product  is not being sold through  an outlet. Basically, what the company is trying to achieve at the moment is to sell its econ friendly computer system though website. The reason, the company has not open up an outlet is because the product does not have a specific market which they can capture, in fact to sell eco-friendly computer systems the company has to find and reach out multiple customers across the world.

Therefore, Recompute has made itself available through the internet and customers are given the option to directly purchase by customizing the product as per their requirement and needs. Making the product available through internet will be a better option for the company. If the product is sold online through the website in the initial phase the brand can actually identify its need in the market. Since already discussed, Recompute is a new technology where it does not have a specific market, and if the product is been made available through a retail outlet, it will be much costly for the company.

Along with this, the company or the brand will not be able to reach maximum customers on one time. Therefore the ideal thing or the opportunity for a new product that is a part of IT industry, is to sell its product online on initial basis. Therefore, somehow if the company has not been able to reach the success in the market or in the industry, then it does not have to bear the losses of the rented place, the labor, material, excessive inventory units, etc. By selling online, Recompute can build and assemble products once the customer places order online. This will be a less costly way to reach the customer. Along with this, most people or businesses try to make themselves available on the internet because it the most effective way of selling the product.

Future Strategy and Recommendations

The future recommended strategy for Recompute to further penetrate in the market is to make the product available on the different search engines on the first result. This is the most obvious recommendation for the company or the website because to sell the product and to make it a success you need to aware the customer about the product offering and the company also has to create the need for it. As for now, Recompute is a new product, it does not have a strong base therefore extra efforts and emphasis on internet market needs to be given by the company..........................

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