Taco Bell: A Mexican-Inspired Restaurant in India Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The managing director of Yum! Restaurants India was eager to expand in the Indian market and had already opened four outlets of its subsidiary Taco Bell in Banglore in December 2013. The company had the leading position in providing the highest quality Mexican-inspired fast food at a reasonable price in a customer friendly environment.

The target market of the company was the youth with worldwide aspiration and experiences and the individuals who had the brand awareness and willing to try something new. India, with a population more than a billion people in which majority were under 35, appeared to be a potential segment for this quick service restaurant. However, the growing income of the population and increasing tastes for international cuisines opened the door to the various opportunities.

Although, the company met with a record-breaking launch in 2010, its number of retailers were not increasing. The incorporation of vegetarian foods to the menu also froze the success in luring customers to repeat visits. Whether the price the company had on the menu was reasonable according to the brand promise Taco Bell had made at the time of its launch? How the company could ensure its survive in this growing market? The authors, Akshay Kumar and Lubna Nafees, have the affiliation with Institute of Management Technology.

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Taco Bell: A Mexican-Inspired Restaurant in India

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