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Embrace warmer is a manufacturer of health care products that are extremely essential for the premature infantry birth rate.  Embrace’s basic work is to provide an innovative solution to save the life of a newborn with the help of a device called Incubator. This device maintains infant’s body temperature up to a certain level, which helps in the infant’s physical development over time. Embrace warmer has also established a training and development program to educate the women, especially in the developing to provide a particular kind of health care to their premature children.

Company Analysis

Currently, the company has shifted its organizational structure from non-profit organization to a combination of both profit and non-profit enterprise. This organization delivers most suitable solution for the newborn in the developing countries at a very low cost in comparison with the same products present in the market. To provide continuing health care facility the company needs continuous financial support in terms of small and large donations. Now, as the company has shifted its single business to a hybrid enterprise entity, this has made its operations more complex than before they were. In order to fasten its processes of donations and income generation activities, the company is currently pursuing World Wide Web.

Motive to select Embrace Warmer

I have selected this company because it is a new entrant in the market and performing well in the health care sector. Hence with the help of internet the company would be able to find huge market share to support its non-governmental activities in the form of investors and donors. These investors or large corporate will surely donate a huge amount to Embrace Warmer because all multinationals have to take care of their corporate social responsibility.  Embrace Warmer have shown their organizational structure on their website so that an investor or donor could easily get access to the necessary information regarding the company’s operations.

Objectives Achieve through Internet

Currently, the company is following a hybrid model which has been divided into three sections that separately work for the NGO and the profit concerned enterprise.

Distributive channel

Through this channel, company perform welfare activities and spend the huge amount of money in the developing countries for the betterment of men kind. Hence, the company uses World Wide Web to gather donations internationally. This hybrid Ngo has also done partnership with other large Non-profit organization in order to provide quality supportive structure to needy people. With the help of these joint projects, Embrace Warmer has also provided training to educate parents to save their child’s life. Embrace warmer is also earning profits by selling their products to the government and private hospitals and clinics which helps them to generate profits.

Revenue Generation

Embrace earns revenue from both donations and commercial sales, although we cannot say that the company is generating revenue through donations. However, its sole purpose is to create innovative lifesaving solutions for the poor or unaware people for which they require Hugh financial assistance. Which they are getting from their hybrid organization.

From the Ngo perspective, Embrace receives donation from working class and all who wants to donate according to their ease. However, other giants and commercial institutions are always welcome to invest in the company either to earn profit or to earn image that will serve to their corporate social responsibility.

Multiplied Impact

Warmer’s continuous efforts and their business enlargement strategies with endless devotion for helping mankind has made this company able to run its operations in more than 9 developing countries of the world. The company has expanded its campaigns of educational and training programs up to 20 campaigns. Embrace runs these program in order to make people responsive about this expected problem that could help them to fight with their hypothermic children.

On the other hand, company is also conducting timely research on the availability of innovative solution for hypothermia. The company is performing all these activities through multiple clinical research process. The company has also made the huge investment to build a separate infrastructure for the technological innovation. Embrace is also learning from their experiences while giving services in the developing countries and renovate their process and products through this learning.

Future Strategy and Recommendation

The company can use the internet to fasten its developmental activities internally and globally.

For the distributive Channel, the company can use World Wide Web to gain public’s attention towards this issue and to make people aware of the cure to this disease. Launching campaigns of awareness would require a lot of financial assistance. For this reason, Embrace Warmer Company can also use interact in order to appeal of donations.......................

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