Radiant Cosmetics: Whats in a Pout Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In 2006 Radiant Cosmetics President and CEO, Margaret Clark thought about starting a new, lip plumping product called "Four Carat Pout". Clark faced many decisions regarding the launch: marketing the product as a luxury brand or retail item, and how to position the product as a possible starting point for advanced anti-aging line, and how to market and sell the product at the international level, in particular in France. Intellectual property issues also need to run: in the past, Radiant had problems with cosmetic counterfeiting. With the launch of four new product Pout Carat, Clark must decide whether to pursue patents, copyrights and / or trademarks for various aspects of the new product. The case focuses on the relationship between marketing strategies and intellectual property in the international fashion products. "Hide
by Robert C. Pozen, Mary Ellen Hammond Source: Harvard Business School 21 pages. Publication Date: July 20, 2009. Prod. #: 310003-PDF-ENG

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Radiant Cosmetics: Whats in a Pout

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