Frito-Lay Inc.: Grandmas Ready-to-Eat Cookies Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Mr. Kenneth Tris, director of marketing at Frito-Lay (R) Cookie Grandma division received the final figures for the market test of a new line of ready-to-eat supermarket cookies grandmother. One set of data, Kansas City test results were very encouraging, the market share was 50% higher than forecast management. Although the test results of the North-West were not as positive as they seemed to justify the continuation of implementation. In light of these conflicting data testing and earlier, less satisfactory performance grandmother in one serving packets, Mr. Treece is wondering how he can change the specifics of the deployment, to better ensure the success of the new line of packaged grandmother. "Hide
by Thomas W. Bonoma, Karen A. Carlson, Margaret L. Kane Source: Harvard Business School 26 pages. Publication Date: November 18, 1983. Prod. #: 584043-PDF-ENG

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Frito-Lay Inc.: Grandmas Ready-to-Eat Cookies

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