Qantas Airlines: Twitter Nosedive Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The executive of Corporate as well as Government Affairs at Qantas airlines confronted a communication scenario that was spiralling out of control. Qantas had established a contest through the social networking service Twitter, requesting participants to use Twitter to describe their "wish luxury inflight experience."

But, the competition broken up as a large number of folks used the opportunity to express negative comments about Qantas. By the 2nd day, almost 15,000 people worldwide had social media to vent their frustrations with the airline. Before added damage is incurred by one of the most powerful brands in Australia, the executive must formulate a plan of action.

Qantas Airlines Twitter Nosedive Case Study Solution

PUBLICATION DATE: November 27, 2012 PRODUCT #: W12338-HCB-ENG

This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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Qantas Airlines: Twitter Nosedive

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